Where To Find Cheap Video Games

If you're a video game collector then you'll know it's becoming increasingly difficult to find games at low prices to add to your collection. Below are a list of places where you can pick up games on the cheap:

Car Boot Sales

Car boot sales can be a great source for video games but you have to get there very early, and by early I mean as sellers are unloading their cars! Only a few years ago you would see old retro games in abundance but nowadays with eBay so easily accessable everyone (including sellers) knows the value of everything.

I remember buying a whole box of Sega Mega Drive games for 50p each in the mid 1990's when there was no demand, those days are long gone unfortunately. There are still bargains to be had but in recent years it's getting a lot more difficult to find games due to competition from other collectors but mainly resellers who are looking to make a fast buck by buying the game cheap and then selling it on eBay for a profit.

Local Selling Sites/Facebook

There are some great deals to be found here and you can often make an offer but you need to be fast! These sites are scoured by the reselling community meaning that competition is fierce.

Jumble Sales

Just like car boot sales and local selling sites you need to be there at opening to find any cheap games. The days of something hanging around for more than a few minutes is over unfortunately. Jumble sales can deliver and I hear of success stories all the time (although not game related). I once picked up a boxed Commodore 64 with cassette recorder for £5 at a jumble sale once, however this was in the early 1990's!


Gone are the days of finding amazing gaming deals on eBay unless you have special tools (more on this below). Your best bet is to buy a large bundle and then sell off the games/hardware you don't want.

This website!

If you haven't registered on this website yet then you're missing out! With your own customised feed you have access to potential eBay deals before they even appear on the eBay website/app. Check out the Demo to see how it works, the FAQ where all your questions are answered or just jump straight in, register and set up some custom search filters. It's really easy to use and best of all it's free to get started!

Head over to our deals page to see a list of deals that have been found through this website.

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