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An item that I've marked as being a reseller is appearing in my list

This can happen from time to time because not all the information (seller's username in this case) is present in the eBay API when we fetch the original listing.

Why can the start time and the time it appears on the website vary?

There is delay between the listing going live and it appearing in their API and an even bigger delay before it appears in their app or on the website. We pick up the listing at the earliest possible moment, as soon as it appears in the API.

Why can't I hide resellers on the free account?

Hiding resellers is an advanced feature that has taken a lot of time to create, it also requires additional server processing power which as we all know isn't cheap! It's really worth paying a little extra each month to get this feature, you won't regret it!

A listing that appeared in my feed realtime is already sold?

This is extremely rare (a bit like the Superman game on the Sega Mega Drive) and happens because not all of eBay's API servers are in sync. It's annoying but there is nothing anyone can do about this.

Why don't you show the postage cost in the feed?

The reason for this is because sometimes the postage cost isn't available in the API when we first access it. If we include it on some items and not on others then we're not being 100% accurate with the data therefore we don't show and always strongly advise our users to check the cost of postage before purchasing an item.

Why are there only listings for the last 24 hours?

Quite simple because eBay moves so fast, and tens of thousands of listings are added each day. It would be impossible to keep this number up to date plus our users are only really interested in the listings that are added immediately (newly listed).

Can I have multiple accounts?

We're afraid not. Every free account on this website costs us money to run and therefore each user is only permitted to use one account. If a user is found to be using mutlple accounts (we have checks in place for this) then they will have their access removed.

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