Selling Video Games on eBay

So you've got a game or bunch of games that you want to sell and want to make the most money possible? Follow our simple guide to get the best possible price for your games!

First off, you're going to achieve the best price on eBay because quite simply it has the largest audience.

What's the best way to list the item?

So do you use BIN (Buy it Now) or standard auction format? Both have their advantages and disadvantages as you can see below:

Type Advantages Disadvantages
Buy it Now Likely to get the price you want Could take a long time to sell
Auction Highly likely to sell, could end up with a bidding war and a higher price could be achieved Possibility of selling for less than it's actual value

The key to a quality listing is good photos and a clear description. If the case has damage, then photograph it so the buyer doesn't get a surprise when they receive the game. If there are scratches on the disc then state there are scratches (photograph them if you think it could be an issue). If the game is missing its manual or map (GTA for example) then you should let the potential buyer know in the description. All these little things will improve the speed in which you sell the item.

How much should I list it for?

A game is worth what someone is willing to pay for it, and by using that mantra it's best to check previous selling prices. To do this is quite simply head over to eBay, search for your game and select the "Sold Listings" option, this will give a list of recent sold prices and from this you can can get an idea of the price you should list your game at. If you try and set a new price ceiling for the game expect it to sit around for ages unsold. Remember, for a quick sale you need to set a realistic price.

Postage and Packing

If you're selling a single game that is in a DVD style case (PS2+, Xbox etc) then it's simple a case of using a jiffy bag and sending it as a large letter. If you're sending an original PlayStation or Dreamcast game then some extra packing will need to carried out to ensure safe delivery. Use plenty of bubble wrap and post in a jiffy bag, take extra care on the corners as this is where the cases are susceptible to damage, see photo below:

Broken Sega Dreamcast case

Remember that large letters can fall into different weight categories which will affect the postage price so make sure you check beforehand! If you take your letter to the post office they will weigh it for you there and it makes the process a bit easier.

Try to dispatch your game as soon as possible and give the buyer good feedback if they've paid straight away, all of these things will enhance the likelihood of positive feedback from the buyer when they receive the game.


Remember that eBay take 10% of your final selling price (including postage) and PayPal take 3.4% + 20p. These fees add up so please bear that in mind when you list your item. A lot of people factor the fees into their prices and these days a buyer will accept that.


Selling video games doesn't have to be a hassle, eBay has made it so easy for everyone. You can even list from your phone (their mobile app is great) and all the information you need is at your fingertips. If you follow our guide then you're likely to have success in selling your game(s)!

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