Interview with James (founder of

Wednesday 1 November 2017

Interview with James (founder of

How long have you been collecting video games?
That's a hard one to answer! I'd say it has to be since the late 1980's when I used to get given games for my Atari 2600 then over the years I've collected on and off. It's only since I've got older and have more disposable income that I've been able to pick up the consoles I wanted as a kid but didn't have and have therefore been expanding my collection.

What system(s) are you collecting for at the moment?
Just the original Nintendo Game Boy at the moment (cartridge only). I don't think I'll ever be able to collect them all as some are super rare/expensive but you can still pick up a lot of the games for a good price. I stupidly sold a load of games (some were CIB) about 10 years ago and regret it now!

Roughly how many games are there in your collection?
I've no idea as I've never counted but I believe in quality over quantity so it's not actually that many.

Where do you keep your collection?
My collection is spread across two houses and multiple rooms/attics and is mostly in boxes unfortunately. One day I will have a game's room!

Favourite system you like collecting for and why?
It used to be the Sega Mega Drive but now I would say it's the original Game Boy. The games are small, aren't too expensive and it's easy to just pick up a game and play it. I am however looking at getting into collecting for the Atari 2600 again as there are a few titles I'd like to play.

Most embarrassing game in your collection?
That's an easy one, I picked up a load of Nintendo DS games in a bundle the other week and there are games such as Barbie, ZhuZhu pets etc amongst them so probably those titles!

Rarest/most valuable game you own?
It's hard to define rare unless you add your collection to Retro Collect and check out your stats. Because I haven't done this I don't really know! Same goes with most valuable, I don't tend to check game values these days as I think they've become ridiculous.

What do you think will happen to prices then?
I think they've peaked personally. It's got to the point where it's almost a bubble, and we all know what happens to those!

What's your favourite game?
Probably Thunderforce II for the Sega Mega Drive or Loopz for the Commodore Amiga. Played those games to death back in the day!

Where do you get your games?
Finding games in charity shops and car boot sales in the UK is nearly impossible nowadays because of resellers so most of my collecting is done using the eBay deal tool on this website.

So you like a good deal then?
You could say so! I don't mind paying up for games/consoles if it's something I really want but the general stuff I like to try and get a good deal on as this is an expensive hobby!

Favourite console/system?
Too hard to pick just one! Each system has memories attached to it but if I had to choose just one then it would have to be the Commodore Amiga closely followed by the Sega Master System.

What was your first video game memory?
I remember playing some pong variant on a system I don't know the name of, it had a shooting game on there too and you could switch between the games. I should really try and find out what it was as those type of systems are very cheap on eBay!

What one game that you don't own would you love to have in your collection?
I'd quite like to pick up a copy of the Broken Sword Collector's Edition, prices are crazy at the moment, I saw one on Amazon recently for £999!

Lastly, do you have any advice for anyone starting out?
Yes! My number one bit of advice is to not try and collect every game for every system. Start off by buying games that you enjoy playing and go from there. Games should be enjoyed, not sat on a shelf never to be played. Unless you have very deep pockets it's nearly impossible to collect every game for a console anyway so just have fun collecting and enjoy this great hobby.

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